The Broken Silence

November 9, 2007


Lolx. My last post was October 16! And today is Nov 9. Almost 3 weeks of no updated entry. There's so much things going on, but i'm feeling kinda lazy wanting to blog about it anymore.

Very sienz le... no longer have the enthusiasm already. I might blog somethings once in awhile, maybe big big events.. or things which i wanna blog about. If not, you can consider this blogsite dead -_-|| like.. *ehem* our blog *ehem*..

So, today is an important day. Happy Birthday =)

Take care.

October 16, 2007

Miserably failed scam

Ohoho... i think i've been scammed today. At least they tried to.. and failed.

A unknown female called me this afternoon from a private number. I replied "Hello" and "who is this?" and instead they asked me if i could speak Chinese. I'm not really that good in it so i told them i wasn't interested in anything. Yet, they insisted if i could spend 5 minutes doing their survey or something and asked what model of hand phone am i using. Out of curiosity, i asked which company are they from and where are they based in. It was a big company in KL and their policy is not to reveal their company's name as to prevent me from giving biased answers later.

I asked what was the purpose of this call again and if this survey take long in English. She told me she couldn't understand and insisted that i continue this conversation with Chinese instead. Wtf! A big company in KL employing someone who doesn't speak english and talks like she's born in China.

Swt! Immediately i knew it was a dumb and badly planned scam!

My wish came true. I have been hoping for someone to try and scam me for so long... ya, i know. A weird wish isn't it. Haha.. I just wanna know how it feels like and why some people are still that dumb.

So, i just continued with the conversation. I told them the phone model and immediately she shouted "Kong Xi Ni ah", "Ni Hen Hao Yun O" and "Something Fu something Xin something". Lol. She told me i was the lucky winner of Rm500,000 and this was actually a contest and they disguised it by telling callers that it was a survey so that it doesn't spread.

I was practically laughing. Not because i thought i won, but really.. it's so funny. Then she asked me for my name, IC, age and particulars. Paiseh, i used your name Wei Len. I was wondering when they would eventually asked me for my bank account or something that sort and she finally did. I told her i forgotten and allow me 5 minutes to go take my account book. It's so obvious i didn't do so and i put my phone in loudspeaker mode. The girl was telling someone in the background "Kuai Kuai.. na pi lai.. wo men chong liao yi ke" (Fast fast.. get a pen.. we got one)

I continued playing my laptop after that and just see what would happen. 15 minutes pass by.. 20 minutes.. and i think the girl was getting restless cause she was speaking in chinese so fast, i couldn't get the words. After 25 minutes or so, she hung up.

I was laughing so loud after she closed the phone, rofl. I think she might be upset that she wasted her money calling me. But Wei Len say if she calls from overseas, i will be charge too. If that happens when the bill comes, i'm gonna kill her.

Anyways, that was fun. In your face, scammers! Hehe..

October 10, 2007

Life In Inti is so SIENZ..

so so boring!

Have been wasting the past 5 hours in front of my laptop doing nothing but random series, songs, chats and photoshops. Assignment papers which are due tomorrow are just laying beside me. I don't even have the mood to study for my finals when i have so much time to waste. It's just another 3 weeks.

Life in Inti is so repetitious that i really wonder how some students can finish their course here for 4 freaking years. At first it was kinda exciting being in a new environment, but now, almost everyday i would have the same routine.

I miss school and 45 minutes classes!

Waking up, classes up till 4 or 6, come back hostel, stare at laptop or sleep, dinner at 8, back at 10 and movies or chats all the way till 2 or 3 in the morning. Maybe some days would be going for a movie, hanging out in study blocks and just talking until wee hours.
Taylor's S8, you can always expect something new and interesting throughout the day. With crazy activities and random things in class with everyone. Best pre-U /college life ever!

But, Inti... Haihz.. Tim kai ah!! I wan go Sunway already la.. haha

The only good thing Inti has is DC++. A sharing program or something which shares almost any animes, movies, series, songs and files you can think of except Death note 2 with english sub. Haihx.

Can't imagine i'm saying this, but NS was even consider FUN while it last.

I happen to saw a Digi-mon Digiman on my way to class today. Omg, he is as adorable as you see in those movie commercials except for badly painted face. Yellow and round! What more can you ask. He doesn't speak much though. He just walk around the open area, following people around.. " I will follow you, wherever you will go".
I will folllow you... all across Inti's bridge..

All the way across the Inti bridge! Me and my friends were late 30 minutes to lecture spending quality time with the Yellow-man... walking slowly so he would follow us, ask him to do a digi-vibrating stunt, which he did, haha! , following him instead, touching his belly and asking him who paint his face. But too bad he doesn't speak. We wanted to ask him to sing the "I will follow you" so badly. Really lmao.. and the worse part is, we forgotten to take pictures! WTH!... we were having so much fun, we forgot to take pictures..

Phew, thank gawd my Finance test paper came back with a satisfying result. Hehe.. Thank goodness for last minute crash course and skipping Statistic class was worth it. Smart people is like that one.. haha! and no Chin Wai. Jk

Although I'm using Maxis, but i Love Digi! Woo hoo..